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Keysie Makes Life Easy

A Smart Way to Hold Keys & Cards

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The Smart Way to Keep Your Keys & Cards

open door with Keysie attached to your purse

Welcome Home!

No need to dig out your keys, they are at your side on a strap with a cover.  Unlock and drop.  The cover slides back over your keys. Keys stay attached to your bag so you can't misplace them.

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Supermarket Simple

Easy access to your credit card.  Cards are at your fingertips. Or just grab your Keysie and leave your purse at home.

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Keys & ID And Hands Free!

Go for a walk or enjoy the nightlife and you have your ID and keys cutely attached.  Swipe, snap and have fun without worrying about a wallet, clutch or wristlet.

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Keysie Collections

Keysie Originals

These Keysies work hard for you keeping your keys and cards at your fingertips. Made of leather and includes a snap closure and a large trigger snap hook to attach to any bag.

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Hand Stitched Artisan 32

These Keysies for the woman who not only enjoys all the conveniences Keysies offer but also a woman who appreciates a higher quality, hand stitched women's accessory.


The Cute Convenient Keysie

See How Keysie Makes Your Life Easy


I put my Charlie Card inside and tap the Keysie to the sensor. I don't  have to take out the card.  Just tap my Keysie.  No more losing my Charlie Card! It's so convenient!

Sandy S.

I like my nice handbag but I like  grabbing my Keysie and going to Market Basket without my heavy bag. It's so convenient to grab and go.

Lisa C.

I was at the airport with all my bags and it was so convenient and easy to take out my licence and not have to fumble to pull out my large wallet.

Ashleigh C.

Handmade In Waltham Massachusetts

Keysie Originals

Here is where the Keysie Originals were born.  They are made of a soft leather stitched together with a snap to fasten the pocket.  

Keysie Originals

32 Pieces

A total of 32 pieces are cut, punched, assembled, hammered, set, embossed, stamped and hand stitched to make one Artisan Keysie.

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What's a "KEYSIE"?

It's the most convenient women's accessory of all time.  Let's make KEYSIE a household name and free women everywhere from the stressful question. . . "Where are my keys???"

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