Where are my keys?

This was a common question for me as I was trying to leave my house many mornings.  Yes, there is a little hook by the door, but my keys rarely made it there.  It made for frustrating and stressful mornings.  I accepted that was part of life as a scatterbrain.

In 2014 I was excited to bring home a fancy new car.  No more minivan! It had many features including keyless entry.  Whoo hoo! Start the car by pressing a round button on the dashboard. Very cool.  Toss my keys into my purse and off to work I go.  

Where are my keys?  They are at the bottom of my purse when I return home.  Uggg!  Not only do I search for my keys leaving my house but now I have to search for my keys to get back into my house! It drove me crazy and was pushing me over the edge.

What's the solution?

Clipping keys to my purse could scratch and damage my bag and I could use a little extra reach to unlock my door without removing the keys.  I imagined a key ring with a strap and a protective cover.   Searching Etsy, Ebay and Amazon, I found nothing like it.  That's when KEYSIE was born.

My first prototype was a key ring, a strap and and cover. Goodbye stress!! My keys were always on my purse.  No more searching and no more digging!  Keytopia!!  I had to share this with all the key misplacing women of the world and make their lives better as well.  I'm a nurse, helping people is part of who I am.

What a journey

It's been two years of testing and prototypes and most recently EforAll entrepreneurial accelerator program.  Here's our class picture:

Keysie received a Massachusetts State Senate Recognition Citation based on the entrepreneurial advancements achieved within the first 12 weeks of the EforAll program.

Keysie was also recognized at Northeastern University's "Nurse Shark Tank" competition.