Never Lose Your Keys! 
with a . . .

A New Luxury Women's Accessory To Make Your Life Easier

Introducing the All Leather BOTTOMLESS Keysie

With a KEYSIE you can combine your Credit Cards with your KEYS for a SECURE, luxurious solution AND it prevents you from misplacing your keys! 

That's a WIN-WIN!!

Going Bottomless is all the Rage!!!

How a KEYSIE Works

The NEW look of Style and Convenience

Keysie is so cute, clips to anything and can be warn outside or tucked inside your bag.

It Looks Like the Hot Trend "Micro-Bags" But So Much More Convenient

But it's not a bag. It's a bottomless cover that slides up the strap to expose your keys.  But wait. . .there's More!

You Also Get Secured Credit Card Pocket

Credit cards & ID won't accidentally slide out because this pocket has a flap and a snap to securely lock them in. 

The view from below

Your keys are quietly undercover but ready to grab whenever you need them. That's convenience!

See the adorable  KEYSIE In Action

Unlock Your Door In A Flash

KEYSIE gives you an extra hand holding your keys for you.  No more digging through your bag, just unlock and drop.

Hanging Out With Friends

KEYSIE holds your most used keys, credit cards & ID in a neat, organized & convenient way.

Walking With Your Best Buddy

KEYSIE tucks into a waistband or easily clips onto your little buddy's leash.

Breeze Through The Checkout Line

KEYSIE keeps your favorite credit cards in easy reach, at your fingertips. Cards and ID sit in a SECURED pocket so they won't fall out.

Protect Yourself On Campus

KEYSIE holds personal protection spray at your fingertips, ready when you need it. Also, it provides a convenient pocket for your school ID.

Take It On The Run

  KEYSIE is perfect for a "grab and go" quick trip to the store. Keys, licence & credit card all in a neat little leather wallet. Slip it on your finger or tuck it into a jacket pocket.

Off To The Beach

KEYSIE keeps your keys in easy reach at the beach. Keys could get buried in the sand, but your whole beach bag will not. Clip it on for security. Tuck it inside or out. 

Fun Time At The Playground

KEYSIE layers easily onto your diaper bag. Let's go!

Chillin' At The Ballpark

No bags allowed? No problem!

Tap And Go Sensor Passes 

KEYSIE is sensor friendly. Tap and go!

Enjoy A Night Out

KEYSIE tucks neatly into your evening clutch or cross-body bag.


Our Happy Customers:

"I love my Keysie! It keeps me organized and no more digging through my bags. My other favorite thing is having the visual reassurance before I lock my door. I clip it to my bag and either tuck it into my bag, or leave it hanging on the outside for a cute layered look. Either way my keys are always in easy reach."

-Kristen Brown

Tiverton, RI

"As a busy Mom I'm always running around. I like how it transfers easily from bag to bag. I especially like to clip it to my diaper bag when we go to the park. As I chase my daughter around my Keysie is tucked into my waistband. No more having my wallet sit in the stroller and keeping an eye on it. Now all my attention is focused having fun with my daughter."

-Denise Elias

Newton, MA

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All Leather Keysie Introductory Special Offer:

*Suggested use, handbag not included

*Suggested use, handbag not included

*Suggested use, handbag not included

Here's the SECRET to not losing your keys. . . keep it attached to your bag! Tuck it inside or out. No more digging! You can open your door without removing it so you can never misplace them again.

"I love my Keysie and use it everyday to carry my keys! I love how convenient it is to have my keys and cards in the same place, especially when I go out to run quick errands. The Keysie also looks cute on my handbag when I need to carry more. Overall it is the perfect size, convenient, and very stylish."

"I bought this one and I'm back to get another, upgrading to the Artisan Handmade for my Coach bag. It cost more but after trying it out this lower priced one I know it's totally worth it. I love having my keys always accessible, no more digging! I'm going to swap out my personal keys and have this one for my work keys and keep it on my work tote. I'm hooked! (no pun intended)"

"This is a phenomenal product for anyone who digs through bags looking for their keys. It simply solves that problem."

*Money Back Guarantee is for 30 days after purchase and does not include shipping & handling costs. - Contact: - Patent Pending - All rights reserved